East Hill Inn, a guesthouse
home and gallery of artist Kevin Spetifore


The East Hill Inn is a lovingly restored 1929 heritage house that is home to artist Kevin Spetifore. It is now open as a guesthouse so you too can feel refreshed and inspired by its elegant, peaceful and eclectic charm. Feel transported to another world as you step through the front doors of this unique and special place.


Each of the rooms offers you the comfort, space and serenity you need to enjoy your stay in Vernon. At the East Hill Inn, fix your eyes on the sophisticated decor, rest well on a luxurious bed, and nourish yourself with a delicious morning meal.

To book your reservation, call 250-558-1441, email us at [email protected] or go to the Reservations page.

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The Artist

Spetifore is deeply moved by the power of colour, line and texture. He strives to convey meanings through a minimalist aesthetic, distilling and simplifying images.

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